Rubber bands for braces

What do rubber bands do for braces?

Rubber bands, or orthodontic elastics for braces, help move your teeth into the proper alignment during orthodontic treatment. Braces alone cannot drastically change your jaw alignment by themselves without the help of these bands, which move your teeth up or down, side to side, or backward or forward. We can achieve this movement by hooking the small latex elastic loop onto the tiny hooks on your braces or buttons created for this purpose on clear aligners, such as the popular Invisalign® system.

Dr. Jeff will instruct you on how to attach your braces rubber bands to achieve the desired movement for your teeth. This prescription may include attaching the braces elastics to the upper and lower jaw or teeth on the same jaw.

It’s vital to remember to properly wear your braces with rubber bands continuously as directed. If you wear your elastics in any way besides how your orthodontist instructs, it can prevent your teeth from moving or create unwanted teeth movement. You should only remove your elastics for eating or brushing your teeth.

You should expect some soreness when first wearing elastics or when wearing your elastics in a new way. Please don’t remove your elastics to relieve the soreness or double up on elastics if you forget to wear them, as this may prevent your teeth from moving as desired. If you have any questions about elastics for braces, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at our Leawood orthodontic office.